Introducing Says

An easy way to have fun with your Discord server members.

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What is Says?

Says is a high quality "fun" Discord bot. We allow you to play games such as Simon Says in your server for free.

But why Says?

Says has really high uptime. No seriously, we hardly ever go down and when we do, it's normally scheduled maintenance. Says is also used by over 5,500 servers so you can trust us to do a good job. And even better, we're constantly improving and adding new features! Not something you will get from deprecated or low-quality bots.

Cool, but why would I need to use a bot?

The Says Discord bot makes playing Simon Says with your server members way easier and faster. Says is also built in a way so that you don't need to give the "Simon" any permissions of any kind - just give them a role.

Used by...

Sound's World

Sound's World uses Says to run automated Simon Says games 24/7 for their members.


The Dinosaurs Discord server uses Says to play games with their members for events and adding the option for members to play games themselves.

MHX's Cave

MHX's Cave uses Says's automated games feature to engage their members with fun games.

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