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Cookies For Everyone

570 members


「Cookies For Everyone」

◈— Here's what we have to offer: —◈

⚒ Helpful Staff
🤖 Fun Bots
👏 Booster rewards
😊 Non-Toxic Community
📅 Fun Events
🎲 Automatic Simon Says Games

◈—「Still not convinced?」—◈

🤝 Partnerships
📲 Free Self Promotion

◈—「What we need」—◈

🛠 Staff Members
🤝 Partners

📢 We have official announcement channels so you can follow when updates on important events!

🍪 Invite:

👋 (You will also get a nice warm welcome from the community when you join) 👋

🔗Important Links 🔗

Discord Bot List:

Cookies For Everyone is currently owned by Noahh#0001 while being under the Protection of Vertix Studios in Collaboration with Zeekz's Kitchen.

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